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Hey busy doc, forget the dinners and lunches. You don't need to shoot videos all day, send out emails, or blog till your blue in the face.

No more drumming people for reviews, wasting money on marketers that promise the world and only deliver excuses--all while you're still being left with a calendar full of the patients that don't even cover the cost of a cheeseburger these days. Or worse yet...

No more laundry lists of leads that don't answer the phone and feeling more like a snake oil salesman, than an actual doctor.

There is now a simple and effective solution to driving consistent new qualified patients into the door each and every single month to predictably grow your practice.

Too many offices waste money month after month on marketing without any return and they fail to diversify across multiple platforms, leaving their practice in shambles when their ad accounts get shut down, a pandemic hits, or patients stop spending due to a recession.

There's a new and highly effective way to stand out and drive floods of new qualified dream patients.

Meet Zack Siegel (left) and Dr. Wayne Siegel (right)

We've done the grunt work and spent millions of dollars on advertising our own offices to build a predictable system that works like clockwork.

Based out of South Florida and after running ads for over 100 clinics nationwide, we've developed an easy-to-use system that takes out the guesswork, plugs the holes, and brings in new patients like clockwork for your office.

Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.


Advertise across every platform and their affiliate network of news websites (like Forbes, and others). We stay in front of all of your patients on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, and TikTok so you can stay in front of your competitors. This keeps your ad costs far more consistent and lower than ever.

Our commission-based English & Spanish-speaking agents will qualify & schedule 70-90% of your new patient leads into appointments. They're highly trained on the best scheduling and conversion processes to motivate, qualify, and drive these patients through your doors.

We create custom graphics, animations, and video productions on your behalf with our team of in-house actors, voice-over specialists, copywriters, and designers so you don't have to. This helps us achieve new patient acquisition costs well below industry averages and publish ads for your practice that we know will produce results from day one!

One of the main reasons why most offices struggle to convert leads into new patients is because these leads don't know them from adam! We provide new educational assets every month that help you to nurture and build trust with the patients we bring into your doors so you convert 70-80% of them into care on their Report of Findings.

Doc, this isn't illegal and no we didn't lose our marbles. Not too many agencies will put their money where their mouth is.

In the next 30 days, we'll guarantee you 30 new patients or it's free.

In order for us to do this, you do have to qualify and we limit availability to only one office per geographical area. Sign up now to see if your area is still available.

Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.

Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.

“If You Want Anywhere From An 8-10x Return-On-Investment, Call Zack From Bullish”

“We Collected $15,800.00 In Just 12 Days“

“We’ve Worked With At Least Five Other Companies, And This Is By Far The Best“

Dr. E Had to Purchase a New Filing Cabinet for All of His New Patients

How Fairwood Added $1,016,045.00 In 16 Months

How Dr. Godby Added $20,000.00 In His First 30 Days

Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.

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